About Us

What we do

In order for Israel to remain a Jewish State, we must educate our children and ourselves about Judaism and help each Israeli Jew reclaim his or her birthright. The vision of HaMidrasha is to fortify Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state with a vibrant connection to Jewish culture and heritage.


HaMidrasha is an educational center working towards the renewal of Jewish life in Israel. It was established in 1989 by Israeli educators and activists to help non orthodox Jewish Israelis address issues of personal and collective Jewish identity and to create a pluralistic cultural and spiritual landscape in Israel. HaMidrasha promotes Jewish renewal in Israel by using the Israeli-Zionist experience as a platform for reconnecting to Jewish heritage. It is one of the largest centers of its kind, and reaches 40,000 participants a year, working with Israeli society in many settings: schools, communities, cities, and adult education frameworks.


HaMidrasha staff members are prominent educators who are among the leading voices in a nuanced and passionate national dialogue about the future of Jewish Israeli society.