Avishai Ben Aharon


Avishai is a 3rd generation Israeli, who continues in the footsteps of his family who were Israeli pioneers, who founded kibbutzim, who were politicians, who served in the first years of Israel’s Knesset and were cultural leaders and philosophers, whose ideas and actions still influence Israeli society today. Avishai expects no less from himself and from his generation than what his forefathers and mothers accomplished. That is to create a pluralistic Israeli society that is based on Jewish values, equality, democracy, innovation, economic and personal security.
Avishai is a founder and leader of HeChalutz, HaMidrasha’s array of pioneering programs for highly motivated high school graduates and young adults who volunteer, work, and often settle in socially and geographically disadvantaged communities in Israel. He leads pluralistic Jewish study and identity programs for young Israelis recently discharged from the IDF, including Seeds of Summer, Made in Israel, Young Communities, and Student Communities. Avishai is a resident of Carmel, a young activist community in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa. He reached the rank of captain as a company commander in the IDF Armored Corps and continues to perform reserve duty. Avishai is a proud graduate of Mechinat Rabin. Avishai is a national role model and father of two young children.