Nigun Nashim / Elga Stulman Women’s Institute for Jewish Studies

Nigun Nashim enables women from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds to explore their identity as Jewish-Israeli women, simultaneously strengthening their Jewish connection, their feminist perspective and their sense of solidarity. Nigun Nashim participants are in the vanguard ofIsrael’s Jewish renaissance, helping to create a pluralistic Jewish cultural and spiritual landscape. Nigun Nashim programming is a synthesis of Torah study, modern Israeli-Jewish culture and contemporary feminist theory. The variety of perspectives provides fertile ground for women to find wider meaning in their personal narratives, critique the status quo and re-imagine their own place in Israeli society. Nigun Nashim activities include text study, Rosh Chodesh celebrations, a Women’s Passover Seder and bat mitzvah programs.


Jewish-Arab Beit Midrash

The Jewish-Arab Beit Midrash strives to maintain a creative cultural, spiritual and social dialogue between Jewish and Arab (Christian and Moslem) citizens in northern Israel. Started in the midst of the second Palestinian Intifada uprising, and continuing uninterrupted through war and ongoing strife and tension, these intellectuals, community leaders and artists have been meeting biweekly to study and interpret the cultural narratives and texts of both peoples.


Nifgashim B’Shvil Yisrael / Israel Trail Encounters

Nifgashim B’Shvil Yisrael, is an annual outdoor event, that brings thousands of Israelis to hike together while engaging in dialogue about the challenges facing Israeli society. Over the forty days of nature immersion and educational programming, this unique forum draws participants from a wide range of social sectors for a day, a week or more of walking, discussing, learning and bonding.


As the trek makes its way along the entire length of Israel, participants stop at select locations to hear from local residents and invited speakers, study texts together and discuss new ideas in an environment that invites the entire people of Israel to participate in a physical, cultural, historical, social and spiritual journey in search of common ground towards shaping a shared future.


Nifgashim was established as a living memorial to Sgt. Avi Ofner, who was among 73 soldiers killed in an army helicopter accident.