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Makom – Program for Jewish Renewal in Schools and Communities

Makom is an integrated array of pluralistic Jewish education, identity and community building activities that are offered within a municipality or regional council. Each activity is designed to strengthen the sense of affiliation with Jewish culture, and the cohesion and sustainability of community life for citizens of all ages.


Makom is unique among Jewish education programs in that it creates a broad educational sphere that encompasses classrooms, grade levels, teachers, parents, community centers, and social services within the municipality. The program is predicated on full support from the mayor or head of the local municipality, who, together with Ministry of Education representatives and the local school system, all commit to placing Jewish renewal in the community as a top priority.


Makom is targeted at secular Jewish communities, initially in Northern Israel, where a deepening alienation from Jewish identity and heritage is offset by a genuine interest in exploring these subjects, if they are presented in an accessible and relevant format. With no agenda other than to restore to secular Israelis a meaningful connection with their Jewish identity and cultural birthright for the benefit of Israeli society, Makom offers the vision, scope and capacity to help large segments of Israeli society achieve that goal.


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