Pre Army Programs | Yitzchak Rabin Pre Army Leadership Program (Mechinat Rabin)

Mechinat Rabin is a year-long educational and community service program that empowers high school graduates to begin shaping their Jewish-Israeli identity and develop social leadership capabilities inspired by Jewish models. Through study, discussion, training and community service, participants explore the pluralistic nature of Judaism, the pioneering vision and history of Israel’s founders, issues of social justice and gender equality, and how they can function effectively as social visionaries and leaders. Graduates of the program consistently assume leadership positions in the IDF, and continue to be social activists and leaders in their post-army lives.


Mechinat Rabin has three campuses in Northern Israel: in Kiryat Tivon, in the socio-economically challenged Hadar neighborhood of Haifa, and in Kibbutz Adamit, at the remote Northern border with Lebanon. Positioning campuses at Israel’s geographical and socio-economic peripheries is a deliberate expression of the pioneering spirit that drives this program.