Elisabeth Goldwyn

Beit Midrash

Dr. Elisabeth Goldwyn is active in the world of Jewish renewal as a teacher, writer, researcher, and lifecycle ceremony leader. She facilitates the Elga Stulman Department’s Yozrot Nigun Nashim, women’s advanced Talmud study group, teaches Jewish philosophy at HaMidrasha and elsewhere, and leads pluralistic beit midrash study at the Rabin Pre-Army Leadership Academy. Her first book, a study of Levinas’s use of the Talmud, was translated to English and published in 2015 by Duquesne University Press as Reading between the Lines: Form and Content in Levinas’s Talmudic Readings. Dr. Goldwyn is the editor of Dorshot Tov 2: Collective and Feminist Interpretation of the Ben Sorer U’Moreh Talmudic Chapter.